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Preorder online only no retail location, serving fully cooked, low sodium, low fat, gluten free healthy Lunch and dinner meals, delivery every Sunday and Wednesday, Local Pickup on Wednesdays ONLY.


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(Order Cuttoffs for Sunday Prep is Friday at midnight and Order Cuttoff for Wednesday Prep is Monday at midnight)



Order before cut-off for our next delivery day

We deliver on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s each week

local pickup available on Wednesdays only


Choose Your Ordering Style

You can Order your meal(s) three ways;Simply select from our Signature Combos Menu, Create a weekly hassle-free reoccurring Subscription plan with 5, 10, or 15 of our Signature Combo meals, or Build your own custom meal(s) with the particular items and portions you want.

Receive Your Meals

To your door, home delivery. No hassle, worry-free, convenient, professional, safe and timely. Cooler bag and ice pack exchange system. No need to be home to accept your delivery, your food will need to be refrigerated by 10 PM to ensure optimal freshness. Note: With Multifamily housing deliveries please include all entry info at time of order.

Enjoy Feeling Amazing

Everything is always made fresh from scratch with only the best whole food ingredients. Our meals are fully cooked and ready to consume anywhere, anytime you need them. All of our house made original recipes are low sodium, Low fat, Low Calorie and Fully Gluten free, Exactly what the human body is asking for.

Delicious Food to Fuel the Human Body

100% Gluten Free

Calorie/Macro Counted

Customizable portions

Diet Friendly

Menu Ordering

No minimums no maximums no commitment.

Ease your way into healthy balanced eating, select from our Menu of Signature Combo meals. We already select combinations of items we know you will like and portion them for you so you don’t have to.

Modifications to items and or portions are NOT allowed, please utilize the build your own ordering for personalized meal ordering.


See what all the hype is about before committing to a new healthier lifestyle.


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Reoccuring Subscription Bundles

Weekly reoccurring meal Bundles are our most popular ordering style. Save Money and the hassle or reordering and paying week after week with our reoccurring weekly meal subscription option. Choose between 5, 10, or 15 meals from our menu a week. The Subscription Bundles renew automatically each week with the same meal choices on the same day and at the same time you originally placed your parent order. If you want change the meals you selected in your plan you MUST cancel or suspend your subscription and place a new order before the order cutt-off. You cannot change the meal choices from your account or in the cart for meal plan subscription ordering only. You can Suspend or Cancel your Subscription at any time from your account page under subscriptions.


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Following a specific macro plan or diet plan with specific items and portions? With the Lean Machine build your own ordering you can go completely custom!

Small, Large or Custom(per unit) portion ordering pages available. This is one of the rare features that you will only find at The Lean Machine Meal Prep. Pick your meat, your carb, your veggie, and your sauce, in any combination and or portions you want or order any item in BULK. This option is great for anyone following a specific meal plan or has dietary restrictions, as well as experienced meal preppers who want to order exact macros or calories to keep their body healthy.


Price per meal/bulk item

Varies per Selection


Get Started

Feel free to start small, we don’t mind. Order from our menu of Signature Combos meals, 1 meal or 10 its completely up to you, no obligation to order no reoccurring charges without your permission. This option is typically used to try each of our meals. Give us a try and sample whatever meals you like with the single meal plan option.

Meal Plans –

Create a weekly reoccurring plan using our Signature combo meals.This is a great option for those wanting to try a variety of different meals without the hassle of selecting all the items. These meals are purchased in 5, 10, and 15 meal increments per week. Preset portions make it easy to know what you’re putting in your body.

Build-Your-Own Meals –

Perfect for those on specific diets and or those who know what portions they need. Control the price point per meal by leaving out items you don’t want or don’t need in the meal.

Flexible subscriptions – skip weeks, cancel anytime, etc.

Tired of having to order your meals each week and want to get on a recurring subscription? No problem! You can set that up for yourself at checkout. Skip weeks, or cancel anytime. This option is available for all ordering styles.

Flexible delivery days

Our flexible delivery schedule works well for all lifestyles. Currently, we offer delivery on Sundays and Wednesdays. At checkout, choose the days you would like your meals delivered. No need to be home to accept delivery.Delivery times range from 1 pm-9 pm, delivered meals need to be refrigerated by 10 pm to ensure optimal freshness.


We know how valuable your time is. It is why we make it very easy for you to eat healthy without all the hard work. No long cook times, complicated recipes, shopping or cleaning up here! In three minutes or less, you’ll have a meal that will have your taste buds and body screaming for more. Heat. Eat. Enjoy, on the go, at work, or at home.


We go above and beyond to make the meal prep experience easy and convenient for you. Our delivery provider will update you with a text message before the meals are delivered, and once they have been dropped off. We use industrial grade ice packs that keep your food refrigerated – even in the heat meals will stay safe and fresh until 10 pm the day of your delivery.


The Lean Machine Meal Prep is local, veteran-owned and operated by a husband and wife team. We pride ourselves on having the freshest all natural ingredients, hormone-free and antibiotic-free meat, and original sauce recipes, everything is always made from scratch from start to finish. Great quality and service is our number one priority. Feel free to reach out to us to provide feedback, suggestions, or a testimonial on your experience with us.

Everything you’ve heard is True


Need a Macro Meal Plan to help you know what you should be eating?

Click the button below to purchase an electronic custom meal plan package catered to your body and goals.  Use that plan to help you eat the right portions and items.  This is perfect for anyone who is just starting to eat better for their body. Knowledge is power. Stick with it and see results

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