All of San Diego County, from the 905 to the 78 as far East as Santee, type in zip code at check out to see if you are in our delivery range.

Go to the cart, use the delivery calculator and enter your delivery zip code to see your delivery fee.

For optimal Freshness consume meals in 7 days from prepared on date. Keep meals in refrigerator at holding temp of 4o degrees or below. Frozen Meals can be kept for 14 days, meals must be eaten immediately after being defrosted.(after thawing meals do not refreeze)

Yes, Yes, and Yes! This is what we specialize in, utilize the create a combo pages(Big, Small, or Custom) and customize any and all portions to your desire or to match your meal plan.

There is none :)) although if you are requesting a split delivery for optimal freshness(wed and sun delivery) for your order, the minimum number of meals for the whole order is 10 to receive split delivery, 4 meals min per delivery.

Yes we are a gluten free meal prep company, We do not offer an organic menu any more but when shopping for supplies we always pick the best ingredients that are at peak freshness, sometimes it may be organic but we guarantee always it will be fresh and all natural.  All of our meats are hormone and antibiotic free.

We only use fresh ingredients and cook absolutely everything from scratch.  Fresh Fruits, veggies, herbs and spices is how we create our marinades and custom sauces and seasonings.  We cook everything with 100% Extra Virgin Olive oil, and serve nothing fried, ever. No Salt, No Sugar added and No Flour of any kind.