Meal Prep Companies San Diego

Meal Prep Companies San Diego

There are several good meal prep companies in the San Diego area serving up tasty meals for residents throughout the community. The Lean Machine wants to take a moment to show you why their meals are the healthiest, most affordable option when it comes to having your pre-packaged meals delivered.

Everything at The Lean  Machine is made from scratch, using only the finest ingredients obtainable from local sources. Meats are always lean cut and free of hormones and antibiotics, while sauces are created from fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and spices, sacrificing nothing along the way. Being healthy doesn’t mean you’re going to give up taste or satisfaction.

The Lean Machine SD offers 3 great ways to get your pre-made meals. You can pick up your meals from Boomerangs Restaurant located on Clairemont Dr in the drive-thru in back of the restaurant, opt for home delivery for times while you are home or away from home, or have your meals delivered to your gym, bootcamp or office. In either case, contact The Lean Machine to discuss the details.

It’s easy to see why The Lean Machine has grown to be the leader among meal prep companies in San Diego. Specializing in healthy, delicious meals for the body, The Lean Machine offers perfectly portioned meals that are fully customizable to better meet your needs. Original recipes and marinades are prepared by The Lean Machine’s own master chef, Dana Lero.

Chef Dana’s amazing meals will keep you coming back for more of what is good for you- and you’re going to love the convenience of not having to worry about shopping, preparing and cleaning up after a meal, whether you opt for a single meal, a full day or a 5 or 7 day complete menu plan.

Meat portions are weighed after they have been cooked so you’ll be certain you’re getting the right amount of protein. The Lean Machine’s meats are even hand-trimmed to provide the leanest source of all-important protein possible. Are you worried that you’re getting too many carbs, not enough vegetables, too much junk in your condiments? Leave the details to The Lean Machine. Your perfectly-portioned meal will contain exactly what you need for a healthy lifestyle.

If you don’t have time to shop and cook during the week, you can opt for a 5 day meal plan with The Lean Machine at a very affordable cost and choose from 2 or 3 meals per day for the week. Both small and large portion meals are available to better meet your needs. Choose with or without fish as you prefer.

For the amazing cost of just $135 a week, your breakfast, lunch and dinner is covered for all 5 days- and you can expect incredibly tasty and healthy meals during the week. The Small 5 day meal plan is perfect for anyone who is looking for a healthy meal option during their work week.

Not all meal prep companies in San Diego cater to the needs of their clients to the degree that The Lean Machine does. Visit online at to find out more about ordering the healthiest, tastiest meals in SD County.

Meal Prep Companies San Diego