Meal Prep Delivery San Diego

Meal Prep Delivery San Diego

Finding the right meal prep delivery service in San Diego begins by taking a closer look at where locals are spending their money. The community of San Diego has opted to make The Lean Machine their first choice in healthy meals delivered to their home, gym, office and even to bootcamps.

If you’re new to meal prep, The Lean Machine invites you to visit their website at, where you’ll find a wealth of information and assistance in placing your first order, or just find out more about what makes the company so special. Whether you’re just starting out on a diet, are interested in maintaining the physique you have or want to enjoy healthy eating, you’ll find everything you need to know on the website.

The Lean Machine offers meal prep delivery service throughout all of San Diego County, using a custom cooler drop exchange system for your convenience. This means the delivery person will require access to your front door, so please include details in the notes when placing your order. It’s not necessary for you to be home at the time of your meal delivery, in fact, your food will stay fresh in the cooler for 6 hours.

Home deliveries are available on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, however your fresh meals can be eaten up to a full week after their preparation date while frozen meals can be kept for 14 days, so feel free to order more than a single meal at a time. The most cost-efficient options are for 5 and 7 day meal plans.

Delivery fees are calculated by zip code at the time when you place your order. The Lean Machine offers very affordable delivery of just $5 from 5 miles from the intersection of Genesee and Balboa Ave in Claremont and $.75 per mile after. You’ll find it is one of the most affordable meal prep delivery fees in San Diego. In the event that your meal cannot be delivered, you can pick up your meal the following day from Boomerangs Restaurant on Clairemont Dr.

If it happens that you are out of the delivery range, please call one of The Lean Machine’s agents at 619-381-5468 to inquire about an exception.

San Diego residents love the healthy meals delivered directly to their front door, office, gym or bootcamp as it makes healthy eating so much more convenient. If you don’t have time to shop, prepare meals and clean up during certain days of the week, consider the only meal prep delivery in San Diego that is dedicated to the health of the SD community.

Go online to and check out their meal options that include small and big combo meals with pre-weighed portions so you don’t have to count calories anymore. You’ll be sure to get the protein you need along with the perfect amount of vegetables and healthy carbs. Discover the freedom that comes from ordering through a healthy meal prep delivery in San Diego. We know you’re going to love it.


Meal Prep Delivery San Diego