Meal Prep San Diego

Meal Prep San Diego

Looking for an exceptional meal prep company in San Diego? Locals love The Lean Machine and they have been serving SD County residents tasty and healthy meals since 2014.

Lean Machine’s meals are all made from scratch, fully cooked, pre-packaged and ready to be enjoyed. If this is the first time you’ve heard of the Lean Machine, we invite you to visit the website at where you’ll find everything you need to know to get started.

First, choose an ordering style that fits your needs. Select from available options that include Combo Meals, meal Plans, Salad Menu, Small Meal Plans, Mix & Match and Big Meal Plans. Customize your order over the website to ensure everything in your meal is exactly what you want. Five and seven day meal plans are available as well.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain the weight you have, get into shape or just ensure you’re getting the right amount of certain food with every meal, the Lean Machine has a perfect solution for you. Now, wondering what you’re going to prepare and eat for your next meal is a thing of the past. There is no more cooking or cleaning up after.

The Lean Machine specializes in preparing delicious, healthy meals for the fitness conscious individual. If you’re struggling to stay on top of your health or diet plan, rely on the five decades of experience the Lean Machine has to back their science. Eating healthy can help you achieve your health related goals, whether they happen to be weight loss or simply following a healthy lifestyle plan.

The Lean Machine offers 3 convenient options for ordering your meal prep in San Diego:

– Local pick-up at Boomerangs Restaurant at 4577 Clairemont Dr. Drive thru pick-up is available behind the restaurant for Lean Machine clients. For more details, visit

– Home delivery to all of SD County using a custom cooler drop exchange system. You do not have to be home for delivery, however arrangements are to be made, the details of which are outlined on the website.

– Gym/Bootcamp or Office delivery on Mondays and Thursdays. Custom requests are available; please call in advance to speak with an agent about your order.

The Lean Machine’s 5 and 7 day meal plans are very affordable. You can order a full week of 3x per day Big meals at the low cost of just $299 and you’ll be assured that every day of the week your breakfast, lunch and dinner will be taken care of in the healthiest way possible, with meals that are not only absolutely delicious, they’re healthy as well.

Visit to see the full menu plan for 5 and 7 day meals, read the FAQ page to find answers to questions you may have or get started now and place an order for your first meal. Experience all of the benefits of a meal prep plan in your San Diego home, gym, bootcamp or office and discover what eating healthy can do for your life.

Meal Prep San Diego