Meal Prep Service San Diego

Meal Prep Service San Diego

The Lean Machine is the #1 meal prep service in San Diego for the simple reason that they offer healthy options the SD community is looking for. Everything made by The Lean Machine is created from scratch, from the highest quality ingredients available in local markets, and everything arrives fully cooked, prepackaged and ready to eat.

Lean Machine’s clients love the options available to them. Choose from small and large combo meals, whole meal plans, salads, and mix & match- customize any meal along the way so it contains exactly what you want in it. Enjoy eating in an affordable and healthy way that will eliminate calorie counting, carb counting, weighing out portions or trying to figure out whether you’re getting too much or too little protein. Everything has been done for you by the most popular meal prep service in San Diego.

If you already know what portions you need to reach your goals, you might opt for the Mix & Match section. Select from the sumptuous meat menu, add your favorite vegetable and complete your meal with a healthy carb choice. You’ll love the tasty sauces that are masterfully crafted from fresh fruits, herbs and spices and vegetables. There’s no junk in these meals- not even in the condiments!

If you have a hearty appetite, you might select one of the delicious and healthy Big Meal Plans and leave the cooking to the Lean Machine for a full 5 day work week or a full 7 day week. The Lean Machine will help make healthy eating as simple and straightforward as possible as they deliver amazing dishes right to your front door, your office, gym or even your bootcamp location. You’ll find the 5 and 7 day meal plans to be a very affordable option when it comes to eating healthy.

Have you shopped for health food lately and stood in shock when the cashier told you the total amount of your grocery bill? It’s no surprise that healthy eating is expensive, considering the energy it takes to bring good food in to the community, aside from the cost of raising choice meats and vegetables. Save yourself the hassle of shopping, cooking and cleanup, along with the high cost of buying quality food and let Lean Machine’s meal prep service in San Diego meet your needs.

A full 7 day big meal plan with 3 healthy and delicious meals per day included is just $299, and you can opt to pick up your meals or have them delivered. If you prefer just 2 meals a day, your cost is just $199 per week. Select smaller portions and your 21 meals cost only $185. All of your nutrition concerns will be already taken care of, there’s nothing left for you to do but enjoy your meals.

Please visit online at for more information about the only meals prep service in San Diego that is dedicated to meeting the health concerns of every single client, through amazing, healthy and tasty meals prepared by Lean Machine’s own Chef, Dana Lero.

Meal Prep Service San Diego