Bulk Ordering

Don’t want to order a whole meal? No worries! You can order any of our expertly cooked ingredients in bulk. All bulk ingredients are packaged in separate meal prep containers, even if they are in the same order. All ingredients come fully cooked, just like they do in our meals.

Nutrition information for all our ingredients is available here: Bulk Ingredient Nutrition Information

Are you looking for a customized meal instead? Try our Build Your Own Custom Meal — remember, you can order as little or as much as you want, and it will be packaged together as a meal. You can even skip entire ingredients if you want.

Protein (per oz), Veggies (per 1 cup), Carbs (per 1/4 cup), Sauces (1.5oz ramekin)

Sweet Breakfast Muffin $2.25
Beyond Burger 1 Patty $4.00
Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Breasts $1.30
chicken $1.30
Sirloin Steak Strips $1.30
Poached Chicken Breast $1.30
Ground Turkey Breast $1.30
Ground Sirloin $1.30
Ground Chicken Breast $1.30
Deli Turkey $1.30
Chicken Thighs $1.30
Chicken Breast Bites $1.30
Baked Tilapia $1.30
Baked Salmon $1.30
Baked Cod $1.30
cauliflower $3.00
baby carrots $3.00
zucchini $3.00
salad $3.00
green beans $3.00
brussel sprouts $3.00
broccoli $3.00
asparagus $3.00
White Rice $1.00
quinoa $1.00
Yam Mash $1.00
Sweet Potato Mash $1.00
potato mash $1.00
brown rice $1.00
Taragon Mustard Sauce $1.50
Spicy Mango Sauce $1.50
Roasted Red Pepper Sauce $1.50
Mediterranean Sauce $1.50
Spicy Mango Sauce $1.50
Tarragon Mustard Sauce $1.50
BBQ Sauce $1.50