Intent Circadian Beverage Trio

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Intent Adaptogenic Circadian Trio Fabulous taste, meet the TLC your body craves. Adaptogens get to work in that beautiful bod- morning, noon and night. Awaken the senses with Lingonberry Acai. Find focus, balance and a little zen with Ashwagandha, Ginger, Schisandra Berry in crisp, Cucumber Jasmine. Relax and restore.


Get Up. Stand Up. (Morning)

Energy | Antioxidant. Lingonberry Acai. Get Up. Stand Up. – Intent
Silky smooth, with a touch of honey, boosts immunity, activates adaptogens, replenishes nutrients, and delivers great tasting, non-carbonated hydration throughout the day. Get Up. Stand Up. Starts with a light note of Lingonberry-Acai; 30mg of Organic, Natural Caffeine for a steady rise to get yourself going without no jolt or crash effects.





Break Free (Afternoon)

Focus | Balance. Cucumber Jasmine. Break Free.
Intent Break Free (Cucumber/Jasmine) Slump or Spa? You choose. Break Free of the mid-day lull and enjoy some adaptogenic TLC. Run like the wind & elevate endurance with activating adaptogens. Smooth honey indulges the soul. Organic Ginger, Schisandra Berry & Ashwagandha melt stress away.





Night Shift (Night)

Calm | Restore. Vanilla Chamomile. Night Shift
Intent Night Shift (Vanilla/Chamomile) Sip into something comfortable, cozy, relaxing. Soft vanilla scent sets the mood. Savor a little honey. Let Organic Chamomile, Valerian Root, Magnesium and Biotin do their magic while you whisk away to restful bliss.